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Garden design is about more than flowers. Balance, whimsy, elegance and focus all play a part in distinctive, attractive garden design.

Water Features

Water Features add tranquility to the garden landscape and a micro habitat for your backyard residents. A water feature can be as simple as a flower pot and a small pump circulating the water or as complicated as a garden pond complete with filtration system, plants and live fish.

Shade Gardening

Just because you have shade does not mean you can not have color. There are many perennials that will do well in part or full shade. Think beyond just flowers. Many shade plants have interesting foliage in a variety of beautiful colors.

Secret Corners

The best part about having a garden is the creation of a new outdoor space. Whether it is a spot for dining or a quiet corner for reading, I love transforming an unused space into an unexpected sanctuary.

Making Magic

Making of a Pond

The Art of Zen

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